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7 Ways To Go Organic And Help Save The Planet

Posted by in Organic on June 18, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Go organic


“We only have one planet,” Barack Obama said recently in a speech; isn’t that the truth? We all know this, but how many people are still failing to take action in order to converse what we have? Going green, as well all know now, is something we must do in order to preserve and help save our planet. Here are simple things you can do right now:

1. Go Greener

This is not some big life altering transformation you have to make. If everybody starts doing the little things, a big difference can be made. Being eco-wise and practising good green habits is a positive experience and not only helps reduce the strain on our planet, but will cost less too.

2. Recycle

The amount of rubbish we create is increasing all the time. It’s a knock on effect - the richer we get, the more material possessions we have, the more waste there is. As a result, recycling is essential in keeping our natural environment sustainable. Did you know that recycling a single bottle will power a colour TV for 20 minutes?

3. Buy local

Consider how much wasted pollution there is due to transporting your food from one location to your dinner table. Is the convenience really worth it? Whenever you can, try to purchase food from local shops and farmers which will reduce greenhouse gasses.

4. Eat less meat

On the back of eating local, eating less meat means killing less animals and helping your diet. Approximately 55 square feet of forest is destroyed to produce 1 hamburger, which is an astonishing amount.

5. Waste less power and energy

You can make small changes in the home that save on greenhouse gases and your bank balance. Switching light bulbs off when they’re not in use, using less water in the bathroom and insulating your home are all manageable ways you can reduce your carbon footprint today.

6. Try to walk more and use your car less

For many of us, using your car is essential. However, using it to go to the shops or places that are within walking distance can be reduced for the greater good. The cost of fuel is more expensive than ever, car insurances continue to rise and the impact car emissions have on the environment are

7. Pay bills online

Just think how much paper would be saved and how many trees would still be erect if everybody switched their payment system and paid bills online? Some banks will even pay you or will donate money on your behalf when you cancel the monthly paper statements you get in the mail.

"Why do we need to go green?" is as complex a question as the world faces today. It isn't just the current generation that must deal with this massive crisis; it will not go away and will be a challenge for future generations if greater action is not taken over the next few decades.

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