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How Organic Clothing Can Reduce Global Warming

Posted by on December 05, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Taking better care of our environment is a hot topic right now, but on the surface, few would think that organic clothing can play a role in this. Global warming is already beginning to not only effect life on earth, but transform it. We are seeing warmer temperatures as well as rising sea levels that are undoubtedly altering and disrupting our co-existence with this planet, so we know need to act sooner rather than later in order to preserve future generations, but how can we do this?


Global warming is a fact. It’s happening. But there are alternative ways of behaviour that we can implement sooner rather than later that can bring about change for the better. It involves consumers – like us – taking a long, hard look at ourselves, from how we spend our money, to the clothes that we wear. Have you ever considered what the effects would be if people stopped participating in fast fashion, forever trying to keep up with latest trend? It would reduce all the toxic chemicals used in the production, not to mention the transportation costs to deliver all these products to various destinations around the world.


Simply put, organic clothing can save lives. Lots of lives. If you are still sceptical about the impact of global warming on the environment, there are lots of implications that are happening right here, on earth. Every year thousands of farmers are killed from pesticide toxicity, particularly in third world countries – as that’s where the majority of these newer unsustainable materials come from. On top of this, many of the sweatshop workers creating the clothes suffer from chemical sensitivity syndromes, directly related to modern production.


As we’ve mentioned, shipping clothing made from overseas also contributes to the detriment of the planet and is very harmful to the environment. As many of the clothes you find in your local department stores are many from China, most of the energy these factories use comes from coal, a substance that contributes to global warming. You only have to look at the pollution and natural disasters that stem in this country from 30 years of unchecked economic growth. A solution here is to buy local, purchasing clothing as close as possible to the source of the manufacturer.


Everyone can make a difference and has the power to help put an end to global warming. Beyond the doom and gloom of this issue, we’ve highlighted just one of many possible ways to better look after our planet. Lots of people are burying their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge that we are irreversibly destroying out climate. We are taking action now, will you?

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