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Korea Leading The Way With Urban Skyfarm

Posted by in Environment, Creativity on July 26, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Urban Skyfarm

The future is here and it comes in the form of an Urban Skyfarm.


Based on expert predictions, in the years to come, most of the world’s population will be living in urban areas because of an estimated 3 billion people also living on this planet! As a result, we need to adapt, and this innovative design, inspired by Dr. Dickson Despommier’s concept of a vertical farm, might well be the solution to deal with problems such as land shortage, deforestation and of course, over population.


“The Urban Skyfarm is a vertical farm design proposal for a site located in downtown Seoul by the Aprilli Design Studio, which mainly hosts local food production and distribution, while at the same time contributes to the improvement of local environmental quality through water, air filtration and renewable energy production,” its designers say.


It is 160m high, and crams over 144,000 square meters of green space into the tower. It has just won a major design award, meaning that construction could start soon. If you haven’t figured out yet, it is designed around the shape of a tree. There are distinct roots, trunk, branch and leaf sections for different types of use. As well as its impressive outside design, inside the structure boasts parks and open spaces for people to enjoy too. The project designers are hoping that the Skyfarm can eventually act as a community hub where people come together to grow food, socialise and unwind.


How does it work we hear you ask? Well this is the clever bit – “By lifting the main food production field high up in the air, the vegetation gains more exposure toward the natural sunlight and fresh air while the ground level becomes more freed up with nicely shaded open spaces which could be enjoyed by the public”.


In the words of the Aprilli Design Studio: “As a living machine, the tree-like form creates a strong iconic figure in the prominent location and becomes a symbol of well-being and sustainable development. Together with the Cheonggyecheon stream, the Urban Skyfarm will become a nice destination place for people seeking for fresh food, air and relaxation within their busy urban life.”


Is this the future of urban architecture?

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