100% Organic Garments

At Blanc Mind we are mindful of the environmental impact of our clothing. From growing the fibre to colouring the fabric, we keep things as natural as possible. Using natural ingredients and avoiding pesticides means the environment – and your skin – is better protected.

Our polos and t-shirts are made using top quality 100% organic and recyclable fabrics. In fact, all our organic clothing meets the needs of the conscious, environmentally aware and stylish customer we know you are.

Here’s why our organic clothes make so much sense:

Organic cotton and the environment

Cotton is subjected to vast amounts of chemicals and as a result the soil, water supplies and surroundings are left polluted. Our cotton is grown with natural fertilisers, such as compost, and is free from chemicals. Organic farming allows the soil to stay naturally productive, uses less energy, produces less chemicals and encourages biodiversity.

Recycling garments

By recycling cotton we can extend our clothes’ lifespan. Rather than throwing garments in the bin, they can be used to make new fabric. Recycling fabric is a sustainable alternative that minimises the environmental impact of producing additional garments. The benefits include:

·         Water and energy consumption is reduced as less freshly grown cotton is needed           -

·         Less waste as unwanted garments are put to good use

·         The potential lifespan of clothes is doubled, tripled or more

Dyeing and printing

Producing eco-friendly clothing is a chemical-free process – and this goes for dying and printing too. From dying to bleaching, the whole process is 100% natural and free from chemicals.

Cost efficiency

When it comes to clothing, the better the quality the longer it will last. And the longer your clothes last, the fewer you need to buy. This means less raw materials, less energy and less waste. Blanc Mind organic clothing offers you great value, style and a clear conscience.